Prista Recycling Ukraine

“Prista Recycling Ukraine” the most advanced solutions in the environmental field.

Every day the level of consumption is growing in the inevitable order, which in turn leads to an increase in the amount of waste requiring proper, timely and high-quality processing and disposal. Oil-containing wastes and petroleum products are one of the main environmental pollutants. The main consumers of petroleum products – enterprises of various industries and transport – concentrated in large industrial centers. Recycling gives enterprises and the state significant economic and environmental benefits. Discharges from vehicles and industrial machinery account for about 65% of the total loss of oil products to the environment. The strong toxic and carcinogenic effects of used oils on the environment, combined with their widespread use, creates an acute problem of the disposal and processing of used oils, as well as more stringent compliance with the rules for their operation, collection, storage and transportation.

The collection, recycling and recycling of used petroleum products in compliance with all sanitary and environmental standards is the main activity of Prista Recycling. High prices for primary resources make us look at used oils and substandard oil products in a new way, because recycling can not only preserve fossil reserves, improve the environment, but it is also a cheaper source of raw materials for new products. In Ukraine, the use of secondary resources is at a very low level, while we are among the leading countries with the highest absolute volumes of waste accumulation.

Environmental safety and quality utilization, processing of used oils and petroleum products that have lost their original properties or are unsuitable for their intended use – our specialty. The company operates on legitimate conditions governed by permits, a license for the disposal, recycling, recycling, disposal of hazardous waste and technical specifications, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation at its own processing facility.

The goal of Prista Recycling is to return the original properties to the spent oil products in the necessary ways and thereby ensure the reuse of the resulting product for its intended purpose, to reduce the cost of production, and the environmental load allows recycling.

Recycling – the use of waste from the activities of a company in which they are returned to economic circulation in the form of a renewable type of secondary raw materials or products suitable for their intended use.

The public and environmental benefits of our activities – both for Ukraine and the planet – through the conduct of business, the company saves water and land resources, fills the market with products suitable for recycling. This reduces oil production and strengthens the country’s economic indicators.

Solving environmental safety issues with Prista Recycling. Cooperation with enterprises, which result in the formation of waste petroleum products, is ongoing.

The company has its own specialized recycling facility. The processing complex has enough capacity to process large volumes of oil products waste, therefore, cooperation is conducted with small and large enterprises. The complex of environmental work and organizational and technological measures of the company includes:

  • Recycling, refining of petroleum products and return to their original properties. Collection, storage, utilization, neutralization of waste oil products, used oils;
  • Transportation, disposal, waste disposal, organization of transboundary movements;
  • Refining of petroleum waste;
  • Carrying out organizational and technological measures for the technical regulation of work with hazardous waste;
  • As part of the work performed, the amount of residual waste oils is minimized, and their formation and accumulation are recorded and monitored.

Waste oil products are purchased in Ukraine and outside the country. For all questions, please contact by contact numbers.